Homework: Lines, areas and small multiples

You'll need to run npm run start to start up Sawhorse (that's our template engine! Parcel + Handlebars + a bunch of other build tool stuff).

Chart 1: A single line

Draw a single line showing AAPL's stock price over a range in 2015-2016, with small dots marking each point. Use AAPL.csv (it's from Yahoo stock prices).

Chart 2: Multiple lines (different files)

Use alcohol-consumption.csv to graph alcohol consumption over years. I want each line to be a different color, with appropriately-colored dots marking each data point.

Chart 3: Multiple lines (same file)

An area graph with multiple overlapping segments, use air-emissions.csv to graph pollutants over years. Since they're overlapping, I'd like to be able to see through them a little (even if you can't tell). No dots.

Chart 4:

Draw multiple lines, with a single dot at the end of the line and some text saying which country it is.

Highlight one of the countries in a different color. Highlight its name, too.

Use air-emissions.csv.

Chart 5: Multiple lines with annotations

Create a line graph of housing prices in different sections of the United States, illustrating how prices fall in winter.

Data is in housing-prices.csv

Chart 6: Small multiples (many, many multiples)

We'll recreate this and this using D3 and small multiples. I want each year as its own graph, with Japan and USA area graphs on top of each other and the year as a note at the top.

Data is in fertility.csv

Chart 7: Smaller multiples

Reproducing a graphic from this Upshot article.

Data is in middle-class-income.csv and middle-class-income-usa.csv

Chart 8: Small multiples painfully and manually

Building a non-animated version of this NYT visualization. If you finish this one you will become the President of the Galaxy.

Data is in climate-data.tsv